Wednesday, 4 March 2015


I am currently sat on a train and in a mood where I want to and am writing loads of blog posts. I savour these these sprees of writing because I get such excitement in my hear, and such will for the inspiration to proceed for as long as my fingers can type. 

Before university I had experienced trains a fair bit, but since university, trains are like second nature to me. I even find them a bit homely. On so many train journeys I have indulged in gorgeous books and on so many train journeys I have finished stories that I would wish could carry on. I’ve had train journeys with those closest to me which have been stored in the “Awesome Memories” section in my heart, and I have simply sat and experienced the world go by on many trains.


In many books, a journey of a character (or multiple characters) is evident. They may begin with a long way to becoming the person they are destined to be or they may be close to learning a crucial lesson that changes the direction of their journey. They may be lost and about to be put back on track or they may be working towards a journey they are wanting to travel- all while they are on their journey of life (*smiles sheepishly*).

At different stops, as you may expect, people are getting on and they are getting off. Strangers are part of each other’s lives for a moment- someone helps someone with their luggage; another offers a mother and a child their seat and finds a single seat; someone simply reads a newspaper in the company of strangers. All of these people are on their way to somewhere. As much as I’d love to think their journey is to somewhere awesome, some may not be. But here I am, on the train. Excited to go home.

Excited for my journey to proceed.

I have been talking a lot on the blog recently about “ordinariness” in the ways of the lives we live. I’m on a train with clothes, a book, my university work and a laptop in a bag. That’s pretty standard, right? But it’s pretty beautiful too. I’m on a train with clothes I have worn in my favourite memories, partnered with a book that I am adoring with every page, with university work that I have been getting pride from and my laptop… My way of releasing my writing to the world.

Today’s journey (although not metaphorical) has created blog posts that have caused me nothing but joy to write. They have inspired thoughts that are not particularly noteworthy (as seen above), but ones I have enjoyed indulging in.

Scones & Tea,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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