Sunday, 29 March 2015

A Slice of Un-Anonymous #1

I have always wanted have a bit more of my life on the blog, and find it a bit daunting and difficult to do so where I blog anonymously. So, every last Sunday of the month (for now), I will be posting some kind of post that will represent my life a little bit more. There will be a range of different kinds of posts. I am very excited about this.

Today I want to start by talking about a few things I love and cherish to make The Girl in the Moonlight a bit more personal. In the photo above, the jumper that is under the "me" is also a personal touch- my dad bought it for me when I was younger and I can't let it go!

I adore candles. Yankee Candles are a weakness of mine. Although it has not been tested, I cannot imagine not loving any white Yankee Candle- they smell so gorgeous! I love sitting in my lounge, watching TV with a Yankee Candle glowing elegantly. Or reading a book with a candle as my company. Or having a candle to look at while I complete mundane tasks. 

Hairspray is one of my "happy" things. The day is instantly brightened when I watch the film or listen to the soundtrack. Hairspray brings back happy memories of my brother and I watching it constantly or my mum and I "performing" (as we believe we do) the songs.

This album means a lot to me. X by Ed Sheeran is my "2014 summer album"- my "listen and feel so in love" album. Everything about it replays last summer and the awesome memories made. I cannot wait to play it when summer becomes our friend again- it's going to make it all the more special.

I miss reading The Hunger Games series so much. I am very excited to plan reading them again. I read this series in a very Spring and bright month and the books accompanied me very well.

Curly hair and collar days are good days- and are most of my days! I really love clothes, and shirts are items I am very drawn to. Maybe too drawn to!

I am very excited to write another post for this series. I like reading about other people's loves and important things and other more personal things. I really want to slightly sew this into my blog.

I hope you have a very lovely Sunday. I am off to go for a walk with a friend, read Divergent and get some university work done. Easter is already wonderful!

What brings back happy memories?

Books & CDs,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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