Saturday, 21 March 2015

A Happy Sentence | Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

As a part of my "A Happy Sentence" March series (that you can read more about HERE), I have read Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. The reason I chose this novel was because Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is one of my for ever favourites and I wanted to read another one of her works. Last week I read We Were Liars and you can read that review HERE.

Attachments is about Lincoln and his job of monitoring emails from employees in a company to observe whether they are using it in a way the company would approve. During this process Lincoln becomes intrigued by Beth and Jennifer, two best friends who email about their lives. Finding himself charmed by their exchanges, he finds that he can't report them, and instead becomes more and more captivated by their friendship. Before long, he is very attached.

Lincoln lives with his mother and feels as if he has no direction, while being oblivious to the high opinions of him that surround his personality. He is modest, caring and polite and attached to both future, the past and the present, Lincoln begins to work out what is is he wants.

Jennifer and Beth are a charming set of best friends. They both have their own fears and worries, but both know the kind of life they want. They gain comfort and happiness from telling stories and worries to each other and their friendship is one of my favourites I have ever read about. The pair of them are honest and caring, and their humours bounce off each other in a witty and best friend-ly kind of way. I adore their friendship and everything it stands for.

Through the exchanges between Jennifer and Beth, we learn a lot about their worries related to commitment and marriage, babies and work. Their easy way of talking charms both us and Lincoln, and through the attachment Lincoln has to the exchanges and the characters, we route for him all the more while he cherishes Beth's (in particular) endearment.

Attachments is really sweet, and I am so glad I picked it for this challenge. We become invested in Lincoln's want to read more of Jennifer and Beth's emails because we want to read them too. Attachments is about finding out what we want in life, who we want it with and the journey in between.

Emails & Jokes,

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