Friday, 13 March 2015

Seeking Whilst Doing

I was on a run the other day and it occurred to me that - in a pleasant way - there are reasons behind the things we do, and these should be noted on the blog. I think I shall be referring to "we" in this post (and we shall find this out), whilst thinking about me, but very much so my family and friends too.

To start with, I was on this run. It's one of my favourite hobbies for a few reasons; it's good for me, I've always simply enjoyed it, and it gives me a level of peacefulness in a different way to other ways I find happy peace. We seek these activities where we can be free of any stress. We can even think of this stress whilst we do these things but it is belittled among the beauty of something that makes us feel happy and/or productive, and/or at peace. Whilst running I enjoy taking in the surroundings in a different way to usual. I notice, in more detail, the different skies I experience. My heart smiles at the trees changing for the season and the laughter between dog walkers. It makes me feel very tranquil. We do these activities because that lovely, warm feeling (like - another example - drinking hot chocolate on a winter evening), is a feeling we adore. We can't shut that loveliness out.

Photographs. We love photographs. We love holding our memories. I never used to be any good at remembering to take photographs but now, I seek to do so a lot. We take them so that we can later seek a particular happiness and comfort from these images of peacefulness. We look for reminders in these photographs.We take more photographs because we don't want to forget.

We have traditions. We celebrate certain dates and start birthdays off in a certain way. We meet up when we're free and we do the same things we always do. Because they bring back old memories, create new ones and inspire loveliness. We love this loveliness. We love the chatter and the exciting reminders of other moments from previously carrying out this tradition- we plan the next same event. We seek the feeling of "home" and familiarity and we carry on doing so because it simply is the loveliest form of pleasant.

In life, we seek to do the things that bring love to our hearts and inspire smiles on our lips and twinkles in our eyes. Because we are friends or we are family; we are something so gorgeous I could never let go of the happiness that this something or someone of group of people brings. A particular agenda behind doing something springs as something negative in my mind, but it's not always, is it? My motives are purely magical, purely very Disney in these lovely events and doings.

Loveliness is something we love. It's something we cherish.

Walks to the Beach & Lazy Mornings,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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