Friday, 6 March 2015

Dreaming of Summer

Right now, the day outside is blue and yellow, and warmer than it has been recently. Oh, but it is still much too cold for my summer wardrobe. Here I am, sat in my living room, with the cold outside a picture in front of me, dreaming dreamily of summer.

As soon as Christmas is over, I dream of summer. It's a fact. A really sad one, actually.

Summer is bright even when they sky is not bright. Summer is lazy and exciting, relaxing and renewing. Summer is everything I love and this is particularly highlighted by the summer I had last year that I can't let go of. (However, nostalgia is one I am excited to endure better- it should be a good thing: more on this later!) I have felt the same, summery feeling since, but everything and everyone I enjoyed in that summer are in separate places, and sometimes - and recently a lot of the time -, it makes me call summer's name.

Lazy days with my friends on the beach; walks in the early evening; movie days; family time.

I can feel myself chanting, "Summer. Summer. Summer." like in High School Musical 2. Only, I'm a little too early.

It suddenly dawned on me that this premature excitement for summer (that I have had all of my life) is something I should work on. To reduce. I doubt I can stop it because I really love summer too much but I need to stop ignoring that awesome memories are made through the year and not just in these designated, warmer, brighter months.

In the last 12 months

March 2014: One of my favourite nights ever

October 2014: The best day trip

November 2014: A celebrated Birthday in the joyful cold

January 2015: A lot of awesome books read

February 2015: A few completely relaxing days

You may have guessed my conclusion. I don't feel that it needs to be a large one. Note to self: Stop dreaming of summer all the time- memories are sunny in all of the months of the year. Aim: Appreciate every season because I do appreciate all of the memories that are made- summer or not summer.

Seasons & Smiles,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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