Monday, 30 March 2015

A Spring List

I think it can be really refreshing and affirming to write out or think of a list of things that we want to do or change- like a spring clean. So, on this quite Spring-like day, I will write my aims for spring. Aims I hope to carry with me into the rest of the seasons too!

♡ Take loads of photos!

I have been undergoing this aim for the last year and a bit and it has been going very well. It has been mainly focused on taking photos with my friends and family. This spring, though, I am hoping to take more pictures of my surroundings and such things as well. Photographs are a magical form of memories, after all.

 Uni work!

I am hoping to get myself organised and get university work done so the prospect of exams is less daunting. *Fingers crossed.*

♡ Food!

I want to be a little more pro-active with food. I want make more salads and different types of sandwiches. I want to learn how to cook proper dinners. I want to make cakes and fruits salads, and eat enough fruit and vegetables every day.

♡ Exercise!

I run often and it is one of my favourite hobbies. I am quite a bit of a walker, but I'm going to up this a little, whilst getting my bike out more often too. I'd like to try vary my exercise a bit more- maybe even play tennis with my brother. I am excited.

♡ Reading!

2015 has been a fabulous year for reading and I aim to carry this on. I have a selection of books I am very excited about reading these three weeks I'm off for Easter.

♡ My book!

Last but not least, I am going to get more organised with my book. I am writing a story and have been really unorganised with it recently. Last night I had a massive session of organising it and getting more and more excited. I love my characters and am immensely enjoying developing them and the story.

Eeeeee, I love a list!

Happy Spring!

Daffodils & Green Grass,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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