Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Along the Way

Life is a thing I would never attempt to define. However, it is something I like to contribute ideas about, especially on my blog. Today, I want to consider the "along the way" idea that comes with life.

For me, life is not (unless it comes to deadlines and appointments) written in stone and unable to rub out (except for certain circumstances, of course). Other than general appointments to do with education and things relating, my life is not one that is planned. Of course, it will fluctuate between being more planned and less planned, but ultimately, a lot of coincidence comes into play.

We lose things "along the way"; relationships and habbits; things and priorities. We also pick up a lot "along the way"; memories and knowledge and ambitions. And of course, people. Although not exclusively (as, of course, there are many other contributors that will also change from person to person), I have found that the simple idea of "things falling into place" (but, of course, these things aren't always good things") makes up life. We meet people we want to see all the time, people we like working with and those who aren't as fab to us as the people first mentioned.

For example, when I moved to college I made friends with other people making the same move. We didn't plan to become friends before we made this move, but we fell into this "along the way" thing by talking and building our friendships as life carried on. Along this particular college path, I carried on being friends with most people but fell out of touch - either a lot or a little - with others.

Opportunities have come up in my life because of my effort but coincidence and "along the way"-ness has come into play. It's a weird one to think about- sometimes I'm thankful for it, sometimes I'm not. But, it's just an aspect of life! A narrative we can't write. It makes me thankful for all of the happiness though!

Mid-March & Early June,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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