Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A Little Bit of Change

When I was younger, adulthood and choices changing the direction of my life completely were kind of unknown to me. All the same, it didn't stop me from making, what I considered to be, important life choices. "Mum, I'm going to be a nurse," my mother often reminds me of this when I'm pondering my future career. We then remember how I wanted to be a teacher, followed by the decision of a firefighter and then, of course, I dreamed of being an author.

My brother and I used to spend our time together playing video games and watching films, but it has to be said, when the two of us have the same time free, although we don't do them nearly as much as we once did, we enjoy these activities once again. We lay in our living room and indulge in Star Wars or Lord of the Rings or any Marvel film.

So much has changed, but basic views and ideals that we have have stayed more or less the same.

My brother and I no longer live together, but we still have a level of strong siblingness that is maintained. I am still in education but my brother is in the world of work and yet we both still excite each other over new films and other similar things. A lot of our interests are very different and yet ones we acquired a long time ago remain the same together.

Yet it must be noted that, seriously: So much has changed.

My brother and I always note that we would love to be around the age of ten again. However, we also enjoy the direction of our lives. We once relied on our parents heavily, and now we're full grown adults, finding our own way about and finding new opportunities because of our efforts. We are older and more mature but still always texting and calling when we can and having the best time when we are together.

Ultimately, mine and my brother's lives have progressed in that growing up kind of way. We are naturally people with more knowledge and more experience and more of an adult outlook on life than we had ten years ago. But so much has stayed the same too. Excluding our film excitement, we both love family days and appreciate values such as truthfulness and kindness. We are ambitious but I'd like to think we are humble and continue this throughout life.

Films & Games,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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