Monday, 23 February 2015


Sincerity is an attribute I admire and adore- simply because I think it portrays a natural way of acting a type of lovely loveliness without performance. Sincerity is being and speaking in a way that is honest and carried out without an agenda. I think sincerity is beautiful because it really defines moments and makes them happier in a happy moment or worthy of gratefulness in a sad moment. In whatever circumstance, sincerity is something pure and good.

I've written before that we forgive ourselves easier than we forgive others. A reason for this could be that we know when we, ourselves, are being sincere. We know we mean our "sorry." However, if we're given a sincere apology and we pay attention - we leave our other feelings aside -, sincerity may just be a key ingredient to forgiveness. It can make the feeling of sadness frustrating (but their sincerity should suggest they are frustrated that their regret marks a desire to wish they never caused or contributed to a sad situation) because it's mixed with a sincere want to forgive, but when sincere, an apology is understood- and I think, if under the right circumstances, forgivable. I've been apologised to before with such sincerity that I knew I needed to accept that it was a situation that could be moved on from. I watched someone I love dearly mean every word of their apology (I feel like I've written this as someone with a sorry person grovelling at my feet- I promise it was the not the case!). My heart broke with every tear in their eye and I knew as they uttered "sorry" that I wouldn't regret saying, "It's time to move on." And I haven't regretted this once.

However, I've not just experienced sincerity in sad situations- regretful situations. I've experienced it in the happiest moments I've ever known. A happy evening filled with laughter; filled with fun; filled with knowing that it would continue to be one of my favourite nights. Then a sincere quiet. A sincere hesitation. And a sincere offer of a hand. Sincerity was returned, but that's not what I want to focus on. This sincerity melted my heart and made my stomach fill with such happy acknowledgment of tranquility. The simple presence of this entirely sincere human was enough for me to know that my presence was important and happy to them too.

I think there is also a gorgeous amount of sincerity in proposed plans. With a hopeful glint in their eye I have watched someone become excited as they outline what they wanted us to do one day. And it was the loveliest, loveliest thing. Sincerity is charming. It may be vulnerable to the harsh world but not to me. And I will fight Sincerity's corner for ever.

Sincerity is golden.

A Car Journey & A Gorgeous View,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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