Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Maybe Someday - Colleen Hoover

Oh my goodness, this novel has got me typing very fangirl-ily. Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover is a young adult book I would always want to read.

So now I am writing a book review about a story that I am attached to in a way that I never have been before; in a way that has left me unable to string a comprehensible sentence about it to anyone I know because my feelings about the whole thing are confused but very, very attached. Inhale, exhale. I spent a lot of this book battling with my own feelings about the whole scenario to find myself as at war with the same things the characters are. No spoilers intended, but this story just about ripped my heart apart.

Maybe Someday is about Sydney and Ridge. In print it looks obvious, right? Nuh-uh.

There are a lot of main details that could give away a lot so I'm going to do a lot of being vague. At least, I'll try. Sydney's future, although is debated in her own mind, is completely obliterated by a truth she learns unexpectedly. Ridge offers Sydney a helping a hand although it's her helping hand he needs. And all throughout this, a lot of heart-wrenching happenings are involved. And as much as I empathise for Ridge and Sydney, I empathise with myself. I cried. A lot.

This is probably the most "fangirl-y" review I have written before because I am honestly in a trance of confusion and happiness and heartbreak and sadness. Maybe Someday has made me question a lot; it's made me cry a lot; it's made me will for a lot. A lot of different outcomes... Unsure of the one I really want. I know, pull out the violins.

Sydney is seriously awesome. Although with flaws - we all have 'em! -, she is honest and true and considerate. She is also passionate and vulnerable. And yet strong. Then there's Ridge. He's humble and talented; passionate and truthful. And then there's a couple of other characters we like, some of whom make the whole story that whole lot more difficult.

I do love a quirky feature in a book and Colleen Hoover does this awesomely. With lyrics printed in the story, it makes one even more in love with the story and understanding of the feelings involved.

Maybe Someday is heart-wrenching, yes. But sweet. Very sweet. It's honest and it's a little brutal to my heart but it teaches. Maybe Someday teaches a lot.

A Guitar & Lyrics,

The Girl in the Moonlight.


  1. Looks like a cute read. I haven't had a book make me go fangirly in a long time so I will be adding this to my list!

    ~ Cielo
    Divergent Review


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