Wednesday, 25 February 2015

"History is Written by the Winners"

History is written by the winners. I think this is a very sad concept that too many people acquire and I'd like not to think this way. I'd like to think that anyone, anyone with a passion for something can look back at their life and think "hey, I lived a life that's worthy of being told to millions." It might not be in history books or all over the internet, but we all could have lives that are worthy history- and are history!

And this passion could be many things. A passion for writing, music, family, friends, helping others... Every life is worthy of spectacular-ness- not just those who we see in the press; in the books; on every website. (Although theirs count too, naturally!) I know this, partially, because of my mum. My mum would never begrudge her life that could be seen as "not worthy of the history books", because it really, really has all of the worth possible. I don't even need to ask her and I know she would talk of her success with having and bringing up me and my brother; she'd talk about her marriage; she'd talk about everything she has learned. Now, that's a good life she is leading.

History is written by us. Every day; every hour; every minute.

I see that I could be missing the point: the "losers" don't get to share their side. (1. we are not losers, a "winner" may not even deserve that title.) But simply put (it may be cliche but, oh, it's true): Your story is worth telling. You write your own history. Whether you're an international superstar or a proud mother, your history can be as great as you want it to be.

I can't help but think of The Fault In Our Stars. In a scene nearing the end of the film Augustus, again, voices his fear of oblivion- his fear of being forgotten. This is a part of the film that really gets me (okay, yes, the whole film "gets" me). Hazel's response is mostly the reason for the tears in my eyes. She illustrates how Gus has his family and her and the life he is living. This is his history. A story worth telling- even though it will be forgotten!

Completely ironically, after writing the above paragraph, I was on YouTube and THIS Hank Green video popped up (If you do not know, he is John Green's brother- who wrote the novel, The Fault In Our Stars). He comments on a Tumblr text post he saw which outlined someone's (plus a lot of other peoples' fear seen through the attention it received) fear of living a "regular life" that would lead to not being "remembered." Hank talks of his "successes" and how it's not through these which make him eternally happy. He makes it known that there is a lot more to this whole history and being remembered thing. But he is also makes it clear that we will be forgotten!

So I'm going to keep writing and keep developing my story.

History & Oblivion,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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