Wednesday, 4 February 2015

My Brother

Being at home on a day off from school during the holidays or at the weekend never felt like I was far away from friends. Because I always had my brother. And my brother is someone that deserves many happy things and earned sparkly things. I offer him, although in silence, a few humble words.

Having a sibling as a best friend is like having a person who I can unconditionally play PlayStation 2 with. Now that is cool.

My brother and I look out for each other by being best friends. We empathise with each other's sadness or anything of the sort and the sincerity is confirmed because once we talk of anything we've experienced that is bringing us down, one of us utters genuine upset as a response and as much of a helping hand as we can through simply being there and suggesting sensible outcomes, and then we watch a film or play games. Either way, we spend time together. And this time means so much to me.

I remember going into school once and I was really upset. I went from having completely tear-filled eyes to really crying. My brother, although a little helpless (I hope this will be endearing to his future partner- I am sure it will be), showed how upset he was by my sadness and how much he wanted my sadness to go. And do you know why I know what his facial expression projected? Because I've felt myself portray that same face when he's been the subject of sadness. He did make me feel better.

What defines our brother-sister awesomeness is that we spend our time laughing and smiling a lot. It sounds like something very Disney, but it kind of really is. My brother is kind, hard-working and very funny. He is one of my favourite humans of all time and I know he's going to very far because he already is going very far. I know we're always going to be this close even when distance is between us and time is spent without watching films and playing games.

I feel so very lucky to have my brother as my brother. I know he knows this but I wanted some written proof. So here we are.

Films & Games,

The Girl in the Moonlight.


  1. this is so lovely! And I understand I have two brothers and they mean the world to me!


    Records of my Troubles


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