Monday, 10 February 2014

A Cynical Romantic Sees Love #4

Being a complete cynic when it comes to love, I feel like the week of Valentine's Day is a good time to let my inner love for love to be, again, let loose on my blog.

Normally I write these posts after my fingers having been triggered to type excitedly by an event I've witnessed; an event that's reinforced love. Today, though, I am writing because I have witnessed so much love be given by a man who is not only my hero, but the hero of everyone he meets.

Passionate about his job, helping others, his love for life and his family, this man spreads true love in every aspect of his life. He taught me that you can have a real and complete love for more than just the stereotypical thoughts assigned with love. He practises spreading joy and happiness and love in everything that he does and he's one of those cases where "if I'm half the person he is, I'll be proud."

One time, he told a brief story of his life so far. He told of his struggles; his journeys; his job; the story of he and his wife; the story of their family. In his eyes was happiness. In his eyes was love. In his eyes was also contentment. Sometimes this may not seem overly positive. To be content may connote "settling" but that's not the story his eyes told. His life is everything he has ever wanted and his contentment sparkles because of the love he has for his life and the people in it. As, despite the struggles, he loves his life.

Sometimes he would tell one particular story. The story of the engagement of he and his wife or something awesome he experienced or a story he had been told. There is one, in particular that I remember.

He told me once of a story of pain and struggle. Yet, he smiled. He didn't smile for the sadness he and others experienced, but for the experiences he had with those involved in his tale. This man, my hero, never takes anything for granted and he never stops love from radiating in everything he does.

He makes me believe in everything good. He makes me believe in love - in every area of life.

Have you ever met anyone that suggests that love really does exist?

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Sherbet & Flowers,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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  1. This is great! Yes, I've met a few people who made me believe in love and I hope I continue to believe in it! :)


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