Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Youtubers: zoella280390

Zoe Sugg, Zoella is awesomeawesomeawesome and has recently hit 1,000,000 subscribers, getting an extra 250,000 very quickly and she deserves every single one of them.

Zoe is a beauty/fashion/life YouTuber who uploads every Sunday and makes the dull Sunday evenings where Monday is ever present a lot brighter! I love watching all of her videos and vlogs, her friendships and how many goals she's achieving. It's especially refreshing to see Zoe overcome things she never would have thought she could have: saying "yes" in general as it makes me think "I can do that too!".

Just Say Yes. Zoe has an awesome blog and one of her posts is about doing things that you wouldn't necessarily do or say "yes" to without a more outgoing mind-set. It has really helped me because I can hold myself back for reasons that aren't really reasons (but they are at the same time!). She also recently made a video about saying yes and it's definitely changed my outlook for the better. So thank you Zoe: you've made my ambitions burn brighter.

It's lovely to watch Zoe and her videos and her mind-set because she clearly hasn't given up as too many people do. She's taken the scarier, but more satisfying route. She's always so bubbly in her videos and it makes me watch her videos over and over again when I probably should be doing something else!

Zoe is très talented, from her photos to her videos. She's fantastical (and very pwetty).

Pop Tarts & Lucky Charms,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Favourite video/Favourite vlog/Favourite video with Louise/Favourite video with Joe.


  1. sounds cool.........i think i'm gunna follow her......

  2. I absolutely adore Zoella and constantly watching her videos! She's so pretty and I sometimes wonder to myself how they get his far, so lucky. I also really like your blog :) Please subscribe and comment on mine, see what you think. It probably won't be as awesome yet because I'm actually quite new but it should hopefully develop as I carry on blogging. Thanks it would mean a lot to me. xx


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