Friday, 14 June 2013

Izzy's Attic

I've raved about the appeal Eyes Alight before as the idea is incredibly unique and I'm very passionate about it and there is now another way to donate to the awesome appeal: Izzy's Attic. In the For Eyes Alight section, 50% from the gifts that are chosen by Izzy Judd goes to Eyes Alight and so you'll be both helping those with lives that are tough and getting something special in return. So I am definitely looking forward to seeing these gifts chosen every month.

Find out more about Eyes Alight here:
See an example of why this matters oh so much here:

Browsing through the website I love every single thing that's for sale.  There are things from pretty hairclips to a charming tea set. Everything is so vintagey and sweet and some things are able to be personalised, something that's especially lovely if it's a gift for someone! Everything is priced very well and everything looks incredibly cute and well-thought out. It's a quirky idea that makes me stare at the website, wanting absolutely everything from it.

It's not even like you have to think "what occasion would I need these gifts for?" because:

New baby in the family: check.
Baby Emily's Birthday: check.
Wedding present: check.
Best Friend's Birthday: check.
Father's Day: check.
A surprise for mum: check.
A little treat for yourself: check.
Anniversary present: check.

I will definitely be buying my mum these bookmarks and I am admiring the Winnie the Pooh pictures.

Visit Izzy's Attic and fall in love here:

Bluebells & Petals,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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  1. i wish i had watched winnie the pooh......and after checking "a little treat for yourself"......i love the's kinda cute...and the frame is vintage....


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