Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Fictional Fantasies: Billy Buskin

To start off a series of blogposts about boys in books that make my heart fall more and more in love with every turn of a page, I must address the creation of the gorgeousperfectohmywowsers Billy Buskin (from Giovanna Fletcher's novel Billy and Me).

*Pictures Billy, closes eyes and takes a breath*, Billy Buskin. The boy with the multicoloured tulips and the sweet nature, the romantic ideas and infective laugh. Billy Buskin, the love of my life. Billy was a hero throughout the whole novel, saving Sophie May from her past without even realising it and allowing Sophie to open her eyes to how she is more than what she sees when she thinks of herself. Billy makes my heart smile.

When Billy presents Sophie with wellies, a horse and the most adorably set up date, I heard a happy sigh leave my lips before I could even think this is not real, this is NOT REAL. Yet, when I read novels, it is completely real and for a day my life consisted of nothing but Billy Buskin, me and a fairy-and-star-lit-forest. Although I would faint if anyone did this for me, it was one of the most romantic, loveliest things I've ever read.

As if all of this wasn't enough, let's talk about the photos with Jane Eyre quotes on the back that Billy sent Sophie. It is often suggested (and I sometimes agree) that boys don't make a conscious effort to be sweet and if they do it would be with some kind of push from someone; the character of Billy made me wonder why all boys aren't sending girls photos and quotes from their favourite books as an apology. Gi, where can I get myself a Billy Buskin?

To me Billy Buskin is everything that is the dream: romantic; sweet; exciting. As soon as he was introduced in the novel, I was hooked, I was in love. Just like that I knew that Giovanna had launched me into a world where my mind refuses to think about anything but the thought of the real-life Billy. He has a tight grip on my heart and I don't want him to let go.

What I would do for a boy to present a pair of wellies on a date.

Bluebells & Fluffy Cushions,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.s. This is my review about the novel itself.

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