Monday, 17 June 2013

Man of Steel!!!!!!!!!!111!1!!1!

*Contains traces of spoiler.*

Amazing. I was expecting to love it. But I LOVED it.

Man of Steel was superb. S-U-P-E-R-B. That film made me smile, almost cry and cry at the right moments. It was exciting and powerful and at many times I couldn't even think about the packets of sweets beside me, too caught up in the film and, well, Superman's face. (Cough wow.) Superman is perfect. He had the whole tortured past look in his eyes and that made his smile... delightful and his kindness incredibly charming. The younger versions of himself were perfectly played too: the past versions of himself adopting the fear but willingness in their personality. I like the morals he has and the need to help people and the earth with his powers; his ability to make people (the authorities) to realise that he is a good guy and the relationships between him and his parents as well as with the lovely Lois Lane who was also amazing and brave.

The parents of Superman were amazingly-played. His birth mother was passionate, his father helping out his son despite obvious obstacles, Mrs Kent was sweet and supportive and Mr. Kent was a-mazing. He was one of my favourite characters as he let his son find his own way in despite his want for him to live a certain way. Yes, he controlled Clark in a way but he loved him so much and he wanted him to live how he wanted to when he knew for sure what he wanted himself. He said in the film "people are afraid of what they don't understand" and this quote is just the definition of perfection and I shivered a little when he said it.

I either love villains or hate them and I love both feelings. Zod, I absolutely, categorically hate with every fibre. He's fantastically evil, cruel and driven by a feeling that he's doing right - it's what he was born to do - and I would feel myself jerk a little at his words as I felt genuine fear. Nothing made him regret, nothing made him doubt that he was acting for the "greater good" and yet, he was one of the most perfect villains for this.

I really really really really love this film and it has shot into the top half of my favourite films without a shadow of a doubt. The characters were perfect, the flashbacks in the film were awesome and clever and the film was scary and funny and with a year where so many big films have been (and will be) realeased, Man of Steel was incredible.

Hope & Capes,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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