Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Favourite Villains: Loki

Ok, so Loki has to be my favourite Marvel villain and villain in general. Most villains, I physically hate, but Loki... He's different. I find it difficult to believe that he's not anyone's favourite because he's the ultimate lad (well, you know, minus the whole trying to take over the world thing).

I remember first watching Thor and hating the burning truth that was running through my veins: Loki wasn't a good guy. It killed me to think it but he was sneaky and was willing to do anything to prove himself to be better than Thor to his father (not true obviously) by manipulating Thor's thoughts into going into battle. He is one clever guy.

Not only is everything Loki does exciting, everything is so fabulously executed until, well, Tony gets him and it's pretty downhill from there. However, I believe that he is rather sophisticated, even when put in the corner. For this, Loki deserves endless villainous points. He's sly, humorous and possesses sheer evilness. And that smile... He has that evil genius smile, so slick and beautiful that causes me to stare in awe at his beauty. He is truly fabulous.

"I am Loki, of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose."

The lines that Tom Hiddleston delivers as Loki are too perfect, too witty and evil. He has me cackling despite the anger I feel towards him and parts of me are completely and utterly in love with his evilness. Any hatred I feel as Loki plots is banished like Thor from Agard when he delivers that pretty, elegant smile.

The Tesseract & Thor's Hammer,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.s. Loki is perfect because... Tom Hiddleston: enough said.

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  1. I love villains too....I mean loving something different makes me feel unique....and r u receiving my coments or do u atleast know I am following ya?


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