Friday, 28 June 2013

June's Joys

As June has been a fantabulous month I thought I'd write a blogpost about the things I've loved about June that I haven't already written about in other posts.

Something June brought that made me really super happy was a YouTube video that I couldn't help stare at for an hour straight: Alyssa Bernal and The New Velvet's song Peaches and Coffee. It's a really sweet song and made me feel happy for the girl in the song, making me feel like she could move on! I feel like I'm on the journey with her and it's incredibly catchy and lovely. Buy it on iTunes HERE.

The new and last (cries for a few minutes) series of 90210 has started and every Monday night I've been glued to the drama and the beaches and... I've missed that show. As every episode finishes, I'm counting down the days until my next dosage of Liam Court. As you would expect, the show has been breathtakingly dramatic and exciting, so Monday, I'm ready.

Something in June that has been awesome is Wayward Daughter's new EP How Long Will You Wander. Any positive word in the world's dictionary will not describe the sheer amazingness of it. All of the songs are perfectly recorded and I'm super psyched that a recording of The Game is on it and although I physically couldn't have a favourite Wayward Daughter song, I LOVE The Game - probably because I feel awesome singing along to it! The EP is one of my favourite things ever.

Being a tennis fan, the end of June, the beginning of Wimbledon is a fantastic time. All of my favourite sportspeople are in one place and the whole nation shares one of my deepest passions. The tournament has meant me spending hours on end watching players create fantastic moments, only moving to get food and a lot of strawberries and cream. Even though I'm gutted for a handful of my favourite players being out so early on in the tournament, I am SO excited for my favourite player, Murray!

Kodaline released their debut album In A Perfect World and it is a p-e-r-fect album. It's everything that makes me happy and it puts a huge smile on my face reading the amazing reviews about it and reading people rave about them on tut internet. They really deserve it. Right now, as I type I'm listening to Love Like This and... *breathes, sighs and smiles*, I love Kodaline.

June has been a lovely, relaxing but exciting month full of BBQs and good company. This has meant good food and having fun and some chill time with family and friends. A good week of sunshine meant a very happy me but the miserable weather that naturally followed was spent with a smile on my face too. So June has given me an extra reminder of how much I love my family and friends.

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Peaches & Coffee,

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