Friday, 1 April 2016

Attached. Challenged. Happy.

Last month I blogged twice a day every day (an exception applies) and I woke up today finding it hard to stay away from the blog. March was very much a month that revolved around blogging. It was something that was on my mind a lot. Naturally it was difficult to not think blog blog blog and I think this feeling will stick around for a couple of days. It's a nice feeling to feel- to feel so attached to my blog and it got me thinking about other things we feel this way about. Attached. I was going to talk about the negative things we feel this way about, but hey, it's April! I find April to be a hopeful month so I'm going to be super positive!

Attached. Excited to do/see them again. Motivated. Might be a challenge. A happy challenge. Ready.

Sometimes this feeling can come around even when we least expect it. Sometimes I can feel so stressed about university (although I am working on my stress levels!) and then I'll enjoy a full day of lectures and feel like I'm really getting somewhere and suddenly, I'll feel so super motivated. That's an awesome feeling. University is getting so difficult but I am finding it in me to really enjoy learning. I'm excited to get back after Easter so I can work hard and feel happy. Having this feeling means I'm excited for my next lectures the next day- that's a good feeling to feel. I'll walk back to my house feeling so ready. Ready.

I feel it after exercise. I'll often feel so pumped that I can't wait for the next time I'm working out again. I hear friends and family always say this and it really is an awesome way to feel. And the time to exercise again will come about. If I'm injured I know not to be silly and to either not exercise/take it too far (depending on injury) and this can often make me even more ready for the next run/swim/gym session. Motivated.

I now have a challenge for myself. I have not read nearly enough this year. We are now jumping into the fourth month of 2016 and I'm so upset with how little I've read. It's been a stupidly busy year but I hate using this as an excuse. I miss reading so much and I'm reading an absolutely brilliant book. Reading always makes me feel happily attached to a story/characters/the words. Attached. As soon as possible please.

I'm not sure how my blogging schedule is going to look from now on. I hadn't assigned myself to one before March so I'm just going to see what happens. I definitely will stay away from the blog this weekend and maybe a couple of days into next week (we shall see!) and then we'll see what happens! The last month has been awesome for blogging but I do need to spread this strong focus onto university. Having said that I'm feeling more attached to my blog than ever and I'm very excited about this!

Hello April- I'm very attached to you!

April Showers & Sunshine,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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