Thursday, 7 April 2016

Big or Small

We have so many thoughts in our head- so many. So many ideas and wonderings. So many questions. So much goes on in our heads. It's exciting for me! Despite the fact I blogged twice every day last month I feel really inspired at the moment. I gave myself a weekend and a few days off of blogging because I thought it would be wise but I'm so pumped. I feel so inspired.

We're complex beings, us humans, and it's so cool that we have a million and one ideas floating around our heads. It's so important to know that we can do something with them! Of course not all thoughts are lovely but we have the chance every day to speak about our ideas; do our ideas; change the world: big or small.

Big or small, we all have something to say. We all have something offer. And we are not limited to one medium. I often like to write my thoughts; however that might be. I like to release my ideas to the world. I think it's so important to share our ideas in that we could change the world for the better. Nastiness is not welcome and of course there are lots of reasons why we don't have to say ideas/shouldn't but stuff goes on in our head and it's worth sharing.

Despite being a very private person I do believe in communication. I believe things will never change without the idea being represented somehow. Of course things won't change if we don't say or do something to show why something should change or improve or whatever action really!

We have creative thoughts; logical ones; news ones that may have never even been expressed before. Use them all (within reason). Write them on a blog; tweet them; write letters; sing about them; dance to your thoughts; draw; create plans. Big or small, it all matters.

Thoughts & Plans,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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