Sunday, 10 April 2016

Aim: To Workout My Week

One of the ways I find myself held accountable is through writing plans. Most commonly, I find this when I write down fitness plans. I'm going to write down my plan on here for the old blog today. I have done this before however I did so on my "A Little Running Diary" series but I thought it would be nice to separate it from that series.

Monday 11th April

Mondays are busy for me and so I'm going to keep my exercise pretty much just in the gym. At some time between three and six I will be taking a slow jog down to the gym. I will predominantly be doing the arms because it's my favourite area to train in the gym. In comparison to my legs my arms are quite weak but have definitely improved since starting at the gym. I will start on the rowing machine. I love the rowing machine. I'd never been on one before last year and now I couldn't gym without it. I will be on the resistant machines for the focus on my arms and I think I adore working my arms so much because it can really be a struggle but I adore breaking through it. Not only this but I will be doing ten minutes on the cross trainer. I used to very rarely go on the cross trainer but now I try to incorporate it into most, if not all, workouts in the gym.

Tuesday 12th April

From about two onwards I am free to workout and so I will be heading down to the gym sometime around then. At the gym I will work hard on my legs; once again using the resistant machines. I will also do lunges and tipey-toe walks with kettlebells- it works my calves so much! I will do ten minutes on the cross trainer and take a nice walk (remember walking counts- SO good for you!) home. I will keep myself hydrated throughout and on the way home, get back and fill up my water bottle and head out on a four mile run!

Wednesday 13th April

So long as my arms have recovered from Monday's arm session I will head to the gym early afternoon for the very same workout as Monday. I will be using the resistant machines that focus on arm and then I will use the rowing machine! Later in the afternoon I will head out on a run. I'm not sure how long or how fast- it's a "see where the day takes me" kind of run.

Thursday 14th April 

Thursday will pretty much be my rest day. However if I'm feeling up to it I will be doing this routine x 3:

- 10 burpees
- 20 side lunges (10 on each leg)
- 10 press ups
- 12 sit ups
- 20 Spiderman planks (10 on each leg)
- Ski sit for as long as possible

 Friday 15th April 

On Friday I will be meeting a friend in the morning and cycling there and back. It will be about forty minutes worth of cycling which is so very good for the legs. At about five o'clock I will put on my running trainers and I'm hoping to run for six miles. A steady pace, I reckon- hopefully with some nice weather to accompany me.
 Saturday 16h April 

Most of Saturday I will be busy in a very non-exercise way. In the morning, therefore I will do the routine outlined on Thursday in the morning and at about five o'clock I will head out on a run. Another "not sure how long this will be but let's do it" kind of run.

Sunday 17th April 

I'm going on a big walk with a friend on Sunday and so I will mostly count that as my exercise, however, beforehand I am going to go on a quick mile run- as fast as possible!

Of course if I am not able (for physical reasons) to complete any of these exercises then that is okay but other than that, I am feeling incredibly excited for this week! Not only am I ridiculously excited to get on this pretty busy exercise plan but I am excited to get ahead with university work. If I'm not at the gym or running about pretending to be Forrest Gump I will be in the library!

I've just eaten a lot of chocolate so I'm very excited to get into exercising and eating a better snack/meal next! What are your health plans for this week?

Happy exercising!

Socks & Trainers,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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