Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The Promise of Seeing Positive

It's a gorgeously sunny day and all day I've know I've wanted to blog but I really didn't know what about. I've been ignoring creativity a little bit because in the last week I've been focussing hard on eating well, exercising lots and working hard at university. However, I've also finally picked up a book and it transported me straight out of my reading slump.

Feeling positive is important to me. I think good vibes and being nice and feeling encouraged and all of those good things are so vital to the smile on my face. Horrible words and nasty attitudes, however, definitely don't secure any happiness over here. After feeling incredibly hard done by recently, this sunny day has lifted me an incredible amount. (Of course I aim to not be controlled by the weather but it definitely did help today!)

University was buzzing with happy early summer vibes and chitter and chatter and I immediately felt woken up- not just physically because my eyes opened up to positivity. Things being okay. Things will be okay. As soon as I was finished I saw a friend and my mind was massively taken off some things and I was reminded of other things going on. Not just the thing that seems central to my life right now.

I've completed my exercise routine for today in my last post so I am feeling pretty positive. I have had a read of an awesome book (review soon- it feels good to say that!) and so I'm feeling really ready. I need to get some university work done. I really need to work hard and definitely not procrastinate so I'm going to be doing 20/30 bursts of work followed by a bit of reading or something to relax a little bit. And I feel good.

People can be really terrible sometimes; sometimes when you least expect it. It can really knock me and push me a step back but I refuse for it to do so any longer. It's still bright in my room (man I love this time of year and the promise of what's to come!) and so I have three main things I'm hoping (and will!) do tonight!

Sun & Fun,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. This is a slightly rubbishy post but I've had a massive realisation today and I wanted to note it down- we really can find positive things from terrible circumstances!

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