Saturday, 16 April 2016

When Shy Meets Sensible

He’s always been called shy and she’s always been called sensible. Ironically, those who would call him shy would also call him funny and excitable and those who would call her sensible say she’s occasionally outrageous and has a lot of fun. Y et they still were branded with just the one personality trait.

And then Shy met Sensible and they saw their own and each other’s sunshine more and more every day.


It was a Friday night and Sensible was very aware Shy was going to be there that evening. Nothing of the sort had crossed Shy’s mind. And yet, from that night on, he was more than aware of Sensible’s presence. Sensible put on her favourite dress and wished for a steady hand while she drew a line across her eyelid and made it as sharp as a knife. Shy buttoned up a short sleeve shirt and cringed at his appearance, not knowing that it was the very lovely face Sensible couldn’t wait to see.

By the time Sensible and her friends arrived at the bar, she was having a great night, and she just knew it could get better. She saw Shy standing with his friends, a drink in his hand. He looked like the loveliest form of content; he would never intrude but he knew how to enjoy it all. The boys greeted the girls and Sensible proved that yes, she might well be sensible, but that wasn't all there was to it. After being a little silly and everyone laughed she felt satisfied.
"Hey Shy, I'm Sensible- let's go and get a drink!"
Surprised but with a smile taking over his lips, they slipped away, giggling. Happy. Excited. Feeling brand new. Sensible didn't care that she knew and he knew that Shy wouldn't have known Sensible's name or that she even knew his; Shy simply knew he found it endearing.
Sensible continued to surprise everyone. Her favourite thing to do. Her sunshine shone and Shy realised how easy it was to become a new alter ego when he was with her: Confident. He knew that the butterflies in his stomach proved his appearance wrong but Sensible adored both sides to him. Sensible knew it wasn't an alter ego. It was just another part of beautiful him. They danced the months away; they laughed; they got nervous as they became closer and closer.
Summer came with complications and a few tears.
He's always been called shy and she's always been called sensible. They broke the laws of love but today they stand together. The sun shines and they say "I do." They laugh and grin at everyone they pass. They are thankful for everyone arriving. Mostly they are thankful for each other.
Sensible turns to shy and he follows her gaze. "Let's go and get a drink," he beats her to it.


Have a lovely, lovely day!

Shy & Sensible,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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