Friday, 22 April 2016

A Carriage of Open Books

The other day I was sat on a train and I was delighted and yet shocked to see more books out than I normally see; comfortably sat open in passengers’ hands. Different genres. Some fiction; some non-fiction; some fantasy; some historical books. I felt and feel so excited to have seen this. And yet, why was I shocked?
I was shocked because, like a lot of passengers, I am no stranger to wasting time on my phone (although recently I have been taking up a more “anti-procrastinating” outlook when it comes to situations like these). I was once on the train and I heard a lady say, “Look every young person is on their phone; there, there and there.” I was mortified she pointed at me before looking away. I felt targeted because it wasn’t really her place to say that although I do encourage less phone-using  and I was only on it to message my mum to quickly catch up with her during my day! And then I was going to get my book out. Instead, I pondered her comment for a while. At the end of the day, I do waste time on my phone and it's so much more important to me to read.
I was shocked I saw so many books because, in my head, there aren’t enough people who read.
Now that’s a broad statement, but a true one. I think everyone who possibly can should pick up books on at least a regular basis so there will never be enough people reading in my eyes. Too many of my friends, reading is lacklustre or not worth the time of day when I, of course, couldn’t ever believe this. Books enrich my life. In many different and valuable ways. And I honestly was surrounded by people reading on this train. And I bloomin’ adored it. We need to encourage books to be a way of relaxing, a source of hope and all of those good things.
We need to keep encouraging reading; encourage experiencing stories. Whenever possible. I do more often than not spend a good time reading on public transport. I want to make sure it's the first thing I do and when possible, so should every body else. To match all of the unique and different people in this world there are an uncountable amount of genres and stories that match any of our interests and hobbies and moods. There are books for everyone.
Naturally, reading is not the only way to be productive on a train, and at this time of the year, unless I’m treating a train journey as time to have me-time, I should be revising. As well as this, audiobooks are definitely a massive factor- they are awesome! But, seriously, my grin couldn't be kept off of my face when I saw a carriage of open books the other day. Let's make this not a surprising thing, but a thing to celebrate more often!

Open Books & Open Minds,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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