Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Thanking Every Opportunity

Today I have walked to a local park in order to read before I get on with exercise and then an afternoon/evening of university work (if I’m honest it hasn’t gone swimmingly in the last couple of days and so I want to make up for that from now on!) but I forgot my book. *Face palm.* Instead I’ve retrieved my notebook and a pen and I am using this spare time to write for the blog.

I would have been thankful to have used this hour to read but I’m equally thankful to not think “Oh, I’ll just do nothing instead” and instead fill the hour with doing. I do adore spending time just wandering or sitting in a park or chilling because I think it’s pretty good for the old soul, however I have thanked this moment that has been presented to me by not procrastinating and getting on with something I have wanted to get done.

For me, this time of year – when the sun can comes out and yet I have education to strongly consider – it’s important for me to feel prepared. Last year I most certainly did not. However I hate stress getting the better of me and exercise is one of the best forms of stress relief in my books. But so is doing stuff I want to do. Procrastinating and not doing anything is least fulfilling at this time of the year for me, even though it’s not particularly fulfilling any other time of year (and of course it is terrible with other deadlines and I most certainly need to improve on this). Another way I can relieve stress is through being outdoors and being proactive- at the same time or separately. It’s important for us not to get stressed and it is as important to me as doing well this year. And I really want to succeed.

Using every opportunity to do is effectively looking life in the face and saying thank you. And if we are having a hard time with life, it’s looking life in the face and saying “I will beat this.” Although life is the longest thing we will ever do, it is, in so many ways, the shortest. Because there is so much to do and not enough time. And so I want to take every moment, like I am today, to smile at life and saying thank you! To do, do and do.

The sun in shining again and it’s that weather where we all say, “When you’re in the sun it’s even warm/hot!” and I love it because we’re all getting excited and feeling motivated. Runners and running; people are walking; friends are chilling. We are enjoying life and people and opportunities and we are doing so with the utmost thanks.
No Stress & More Motivation,
The Girl in the Moonlight.

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