Saturday, 7 May 2016

What About the "Everyday" Stories?

Today I have been thinking about a couple of particular stories (I won't name them so as not to spoil a single thing). One is a book and one is a film. I noticed, with the book, and so did my mother when she read the book after me and a friend when they watched the film adaptation, that the first chapters/scenes are characterised by normal, everyday events or memories. Then with the second story - which is one I have only experienced through the film adaptation - I noticed (as did others I watched it with) that the majority of the film is what could be considered as an "every day story." One friend even noted that as much as they were enjoying it, it seemed pointless until events at the end.

Now, of course, nothing about these two works is pointless when it comes to it being related to the "main event"- both stories build up to the event awesomely. I enjoyed reading and watching the "everydayness" up until the main plot was revealed. They are two of my favourite stories I've experienced being told through the medium of book or film. Today, though, it has occurred to me that there needs to be more "everyday" (a word that should not every been synonymous with pointless) stories told. I know there will be millions that exist and I haven't seen but stories we know or are heavily advertised are likely to involve a really big event. These stories are so important. Stories that talk about cancer or other illnesses; death; important lessons; an important friendship; a story of exploring and inventing... They are stories we need to see. Humankind will do well to listen to these stories.

Putting these amazing, brilliant, insightful and necessary stories aside, I think we need more stories without plot twists- without a particular theme that traditionally "grips" people. There are lots of stories I know about everyday people I can relate to- many that I adore. However something is missing in the world of stories. I know many would say these stories that seem normal/average (whether they are stories involving lots of happy characters or simply scenarios we have experienced or could experience) lack any real reason to be on our screen or in our hands.

I disagree.

I really am not disregarding the abundance of films that are very "everyday-y" but where's the story about a family... just about a family. No massive twist; maybe no massive character development. Or about the journey for a young girl wanting to become a teacher. On paper, yeah, okay, people would find this suggestion laughable. But aren't these real stories? So many of us have an interest in people and their lives- why wouldn't we want to read about these stories we can empathise with the most? I'm not disregarding "everyday" stories that may seem so different from my life personally- those count too!

I'm not sure where I'm going with these thoughts- but, hey, doesn't that just show that this random thought, for me, needed to be written down... Like a millionbilliontrillion stories we haven't discovered yet- maybe in fear of the world assuming they are too boring and too pointless, when in fact, I bet they're the stories that could become absolute favourites of all of ours.

What do you think?

Warm Air & Curly Hair,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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