Wednesday, 27 January 2016

My Little Experiment | 3rd Blogging Birthday

January 27th. It's a big day for me. Over three years ago it would have been any other January day that was probably reminding me that, yes, Christmas really is over. Now January isn't that miserable a month for me because it is the month I began blogging in- 3 years ago now!

Happy Blogging Birthday to me!

This blog has made for positivity spreading into lots of different parts of my life. Not only am I not miserable in January, partially because I get to look forward to a new year of blogging and the fact January starts this- January is the next chapter of my blogging experience and I get to shape that... this month! It's one of my creative outlets and it means I can approach the rest of my life with positivity because blogging makes me feel so refreshed for all kinds of reasons and allows for the best version of me to pop up anywhere.

And man, what an amazing community we bloggers have! I think my involvement can sadly fluctuate and this must be improved because I've come into contact with some truly awesome and talented people and I adore reading their blogging journey and even watching their friendships over platforms such as Twitter.

Blogging pushes me as a person in the best possible way. I have challenges such as Blogmas to keep me focussed and motivated and in normally means the months that follow are inspired because of such a challenge. Blogmas 2015 has, for example, made me very excited for a challenge I so hope I will be giving myself in March this year! It lets me be humble and also confident in my abilities in writing but also in other ways too. Blogging is a special part of my heart that definitely makes up an awesome part in me.

I am so delighted with this milestone. I woke up with a little grin easily appearing on my face. I must always thank myself for starting this blog and today, I thank the three-year-younger me for making that step! Happy Blogday you! I feel really thankful for this amazing platform and for anyone reading this, thank you for taking the time to have a little look. For this writer at heart, it means the world!

A Blog & A Dream,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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