Saturday, 9 January 2016

A Really Good Week

I am starting this post, unsure as to whether I will be publishing it or not- it may well end up being a lot of gibberish sewed into the most boring post. I guess, if you're reading this, it turned out to be a smidge better than boring, but if not, it's a "nearly made it to the internet" diary entry and that's not so bad. Yesterday someone said it's so worth your time to document your life because one day you'll want to look back at it, not only as a reminder of all of the good things, but to see your life happened. Even if it was/seemed sucky at the time.

This week wasn't suck, though. It's been a really good week.

"A really good week" seems like a dull title, I guess. A really good week. Not fabulous? Not mind-blowingly awesome? Not something so noteworthy that I should write a book all about this last week? But, I love "just good" weeks. Surely that's a noteworthy way to start 2016! Surely it's notable because it shows the average weeks where I don't have a lot going on and I'm actually really focussed on studying can still be good. Of course they can!

So the first full week of 2016 has been categorised as "complete!", and here I am with a smile on my face. I've been revising for a couple of exams and I've felt more confident than usual for them. I still have a little way to go but I'm feeling... good about it. Not only this but I received a good result from university this week, and of course, that has boosted me further. My down time has been surrounded by laughter. Lame, but true. And it's made revision breaks all the more appreciated. I've spent a lot of my designated "not revising" time with my best friend, and it's been so refreshing. Not only this but I am reading (although slowly because of revision) Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and I adore it. Sometimes I have twenty minute periods of go! go! go! revision and then I have five/ten minutes of reading and it means I'm so ready to revise when I have to close the book, and so ready to relax for a little bit after doing so. Something else that has made this "need to get on with stuff" week more fulfilling is running. I've run a six mile run and two two mile'ns! I didn't set any aims for long distances this week because I knew I needed a lot of time focussed on revision and I cycled quite a bit this week so I haven't felt bad about it! Goals are being reached or are on there way to being reached already... Feels good!

Not only this, but I've been making plans with friends- seeing a best friend I haven't seen in about half a year, which is rubbish! I've been getting excited with another best friend about their Birthday plans and I've planned a weekend away! We need to remember to not get bogged down in what's going on right now- of course this can't always be the case and it can often be "easier said than done" but what is happening now doesn't dictate for ever. My January is focussed around revision and I'm dealing better with stress than ever and not only that, but I know, for me, a lot worse things could be happening. This means future plans are really promising, with the knowledge that I can still make little memories in these exam-filled weeks.

If I, in a few hours decide to post this... Happy Saturday! I'm not noting down any schedule and posting on Saturdays will never be a regular thing but I like the idea of clicking on "publish" today, so hopefully 2016 will see the blog a little friendly with Saturdays. We'll see, ay!

A Good Week & A Happy Blogger,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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