Thursday, 14 January 2016

Judging a Book by its Cover | Chapter One

For the sake of this post and the others I will do like it, I'm going to be judging a book by its cover! We're always taught not to and we definitely shouldn't. I definitely don't judge actual books by the cover because if I did that I'd miss out on some ace stories. So, today, I'm going to be talking about the covers of some beautiful books. I want to do more of these posts and to be quite frank, off the top of my head, I can't think of a cover I don't like and so I'm going to be quite picky- otherwise I'll just end up talking about all of my books!

The Naughtiest Girl in the School by Enid Blyton
The Naughtiest Girl in the School set of books were my favourite series when I was about six and it quite frankly still is up there with my other favourites! Enid Blyton novels are timeless and I adore all of the front covers to her novels. I think The Naughtiest Girl in the School's (the first novel) cover is particularly awesome because it's so colourful- like the main character, Elizabeth. It shows her to be causing trouble like she often does and I have to say, as yellow is my favourite colour, the colour plays a big part in this being one of my favourite front covers!
Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher
I adore the front cover of Billy and Me because it represents Sophie May's lovely home. It's so warm and inviting and cute like where she lives and it sets up the romantic, sweet tone of the novel. I love that it has a couple standing on the hill which shows the importance of love and home in the novel. It's just a really pretty cover and I remember loving looking at it when it first arrived at my house!
The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion
I love how simple the front cover of The Rosie Project is. I love the white background- I think it makes it very poignant. The lobster and the heart made from it always intrigued me before I went out and bought it. I love the link of this image to the novel. It's a very simple cover but bright and quirky- like, of course, the awesome Don.
Stolen by Lucy Christopher 

I've seen two different front covers for Stolen and I adore both. This one, I love, because it's so gorgeous. A simple statement, but a true one. I like that Stolen is big across the middle of the page- showing us how scary and serious the situation is (the main character is kidnapped by a man in an airport). I love how enchanting the image of the girl looking at the sky and landscape is. It shows the conflict that is in the novel- does Ty, the kidnapper, really love Gemma or is it as awful as we all first thought? The stars and the birds in the sky are so pretty and it's haunting to see that and read, "You took me to a prison of sand and stars."

The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks' front covers always encompass the main relationship in the story and The Longest Ride captures their love perfectly. There are, however, two main relationships in this story and on the top we have the younger couple- who get to know each other throughout the novel - and on the bottom we have the couple who have had a lifetime of love and would love for many more if they could. It's very bright and promising and it just makes me feel all warm inside!


I can't wait to do another one of these posts! What are your favourite covers?

Covers & Stories,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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