Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Fresh Winter Air

A few days ago I was cooped up in my bedroom at university and I felt my mind becoming clouded and stressed and I started to ache from frustration. Revision was becoming a little too much and the end of exams seemed so distant that I was beginning to wonder if the concept was a lie. It turns out that it was not lie and I was just being dramatic. But hey, we get a little dramatic when we're stressed and I'll tell you what I did to make my head a little less full of clouds and rain.

I stepped into the crisp but blue and sunny winter day. And it did me the world of good.

I disconnected myself from my phone and I walked around a beautiful and peaceful park. There weren't many people around but there were a few joggers, some dog walkers and a couple of people minding their own business. I admired the trees that are dotted alongside the pavement and the green that is the most dominant and gorgeous colour. I sat on a bench and listened to the lake's water run and it eased my mind immediately. I was looking inside of a book in Waterstones the other day (one I will definitely purchase soon) about 52 things that make the author happy; one was running water. I realised as I sat and took in the little ducks that floated and the tweeting of the birds, running water is one of my favourite things too.

I didn't sit for too long because I knew I wanted to have a little walk about as I wasn't going to be able to work out that day and I also didn't have long until I did need to face revision again. (Spoiler: I faced revision far more relaxed and ready afterwards.) I walked along the gravelly pavement and noted how prettily blue the sky was. It reminded me how much I adore and can't wait for summer but also that winter is beautiful too. And winter was a really good friend to me that day.

I bought a hot chocolate and sat on a bench where not too long after a dog came up to me. My heart felt happy at his or her approach and I stroked her thick soft ears and giggled and I could see the dog's happiness. We were both out for a walk and we both appreciated it. I walked slowly back to revision but I dreaded it less.

We all need a break sometimes. And I will be finding mine more and more through little walks and nature treats.

Trees & Water,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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