Saturday, 2 January 2016

My Blogging Bucket List | 2016

I always feel great about my lovely little blogging hobby but right now, I'm feeling the most positive I ever have. That's got to be a good point to be at when you've got a blogging bucket list to write, hasn't it? I really want to keep going back to this list during the year (so that's kind of an aim in itself), so, here, we go, 2016. Let's make this awesome!

I want to post the most amount of posts I have in one year

This could seem like one without a lot of substance because blogging isn't about numbers but 2015 brought with it the most amount of posts I've ever posts and it felt super good. So, with this in mind I want to exceed 200 posts, whilst also being conscious that if I want to beat a personal best, I also have to do that well. The majority must be good, good posts!
Lots of challenges
I really enjoyed challenging myself with the amount of posts I was posting and I want to make sure I set myself at least four challenges! Hopefully I'll have at least one "different" kind of one, but either way, I want to test myself. After all, if I want to write as an occupation, I need to get me some challenging in!

That age old issue of a schedule
A schedule and I aren't the most reliable, although I am not terrible at schedules and I can even thrive under one- especially when I'm super inspired with blogging. All the same, I'm going to stay clear of writing schedules anywhere. Obviously there are challenges I want to set myself, as seen above, and they are likely to come hand-in-hand with a schedule, but I'm going to aim to have an idea in my mind when I'm posting but not to post it so I don't find myself frustrated!

To have a happy, sunny blog

I'm directing this goal more towards the May-August months, however it must apply to all the months around it as well. In the summery months my blog knows the feeling of loneliness. And I don't want that. My blog makes me feel only feelings of comfort and warmth so why should I neglect it so much when I really don't want to. This could be such a challenge for me when these months roll around but I really mean it this year! *Has stern word with self.*

And there we have it! I'll have lots of aims for it as the year goes on but I'm going to keep this list to these four.

Here marks the end of December/January round up/set up kind of posts. So, 2016, let's have it!

Writing & Posting,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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