Sunday, 24 January 2016

A Little Running Diary #5

It has been a while since I’ve sat down and written a post for this series which aims to let my blog get to know a bit more about my running. It’s partially because I could easily produce posts that even I don’t find interesting or useful and I don't think that'd be great for the old blog. Although today’s post isn’t going to solely be about running, I’ve decided to write down my exercise/health plan for this week. I’m going to set myself some challenges and if it’s written on the internet, I can imagine that will give me all the more boost to crack on!


My timetable for Monday at uni is pretty packed but in between two lectures I have a two hour break. As I enjoyed my walk last week (so much so that I blogged about it!) I thought, so long as it isn’t raining horrific amounts, I will be taking a little walk through the local park. Not only will it help my brain if the lectures before have been stressful, it may wake me up if I need to be woken up and I can take in nature in a relaxing way! We forget how good walking is for us and some consider it a chore but it so doesn’t have to be! Then I shall be hitting the gym for about six o’clock and I will go through my arm workout!


On Tuesday I shall be going for a quick one mile run after my lectures. I’m trying to work on my pace because I want to be working on personal bests more and more and I always need to remember that different distances and different speed runs are needed because otherwise the body gets used to the same kind of routine. Later on in the evening I will be going to the gym to work on the old legs!


I have a pretty quiet day Wednesday and so it shall be a day for a longer run and I shall set the target of five miles and I’m going to hope for a good time. Late afternoon I will be going to the gym and working on the bits and bobs in between arms and legs!


Thursday is going to be my rest day and so Friday morning, I will be going for a six/seven mile run! I’m going to take it easy and not plan for any time. I like taking in my surroundings and having a break from worrying about times (despite, of course, this being the year for personal bests!).


Saturday brings a cycle ride with a friend and a late afternoon swim with another pal. Swimming is so bloomin’ good for your body and I restarted it last year. Past being a kid I’ve never kept it up as a hobby other than enjoying splashing about on holiday. After starting again it all got a bit addictive!


I'm going to go on another "quick as possible" one mile run and call that a week!

I also want to set myself so healthy eating goals. I adore eating my fruit and vegetables and I'm good at doing it but I'm also good at snacking! I'm going to cut down on the snacking, eat more fruit and make sure I'm drinking enough water every day!

Walks & Water,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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