Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Being Passionate

When I was younger, I’d limit myself with the things I loved. I was good at running, I was known for being good at English and maths and I loved playing the piano. With running I’d sell myself short and give myself a hard time beforehand. I’d make myself so nervous that it caused me to dread particular events. At the only point I wasn’t nervous was once I’d settled into the swing (whether that needed to be two seconds or two minutes) of things and then as soon as it stopped – even when I did super well – I’d dread the next time I’d have to run a race or whatever. With English and maths I’d shrug off people’s comments about me being good at them and I’d hand in a test feeling completely not confident when it probably didn’t go that badly. And with piano I’d get myself in this bubble of negativity and just not enjoy anything because I was so worried about a performance I would have to give.

I loved all of these things and considered them my favourite things to do. Of course there’s a level of nerves that can be good and a level of being self conscious too, but I don’t think I approached these activities passionately because I'd feel so glum. Recently I’ve fallen in love with the idea of passion and having a passion for these things we want to do well in. I think I've always also feared not coming across as modest when modesty is a natural process for most of us. Being excited and confident doesn't mean you can't be modest and "not arrogant."

I know an amazing lady who adores running and fitness and encourages all of her friends (including me) to get involved and do this and do that. And I love it about her. Why shouldn’t you love something and talk about it and encourage others. How awesome is that?! She gets up every morning and among other things I know she loves with all of her heart, she can’t wait to swim and run and reach loads of goals.

And then there’s my brother whose job is very “idea based.” He’s full of ideas, my brother, and when he gets one he is particularly excited about (because, I must admit, it’s likely to be an ace idea) he sits and he works with a smile on his face and he gets it done. And he shows me with complete excitement in his eyes. It’s one reason my brother is so cool.

I’ve already approached 2016 with passion fuelling things I do and it can only get better because January is very exam-based and so once this next week is over, I’ll be ready to get so much done. I want this year to be a year of new things and progressing with "old things", and so far I’ve started one new activity and I’ve experienced a new “thing” and I loved every moment of them both.

I want to approach life excited. Because I do feel damn lucky and I should face the world passionately as often as I can. I should take opportunities, make opportunities and do good. And that’s what this year and beyond is going to be about. I’m going to see new places, feel new feelings, try my very best and help others.

New & Old Hobbies,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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