Friday, 31 January 2014

My Favourite Books: The Teenage

Excluding the Harry Potter and The Hunger Games series as well as any Nicholas Sparks book, I must talk about my favourite books of my teenage years. Although I am still a teenager (and will be, even when I'm not), these are the books I read, I would say from the ages of about 13 to 16. The majority of these are from the young adult section in a book shop and a few are where I found a deep love for authors of girly fiction.

To start with, I wanted to talk about my favourite girly, teenager series that is, of course, the Georgia Nicolson Georgia Nicholson diaries. I was completely in love with this series and the front covers were always awesome. As Georgia lives her teenage life, she falls out with friends and falls for boys. It's a fabulously funny account of her life.

The Airhead trilogy were just awesome. The books tell the story of Em Watts who is in the body of a teen supermodel and while she has to learn to live Nikki Howard's life, she can't help but think of her best friend, Christopher.

These years were the years where I branched out of just the young adult part and started reading Sophie Kinsella books. These were my favourites (although it's a tough call between the Shopaholic series); Sophie Kinsella always has beautifully unique ideas when it comes to storylines and that's what I love about her writing.

The Shopaholic series were an absolute treat and I spent all of my pocket money on them. I remember being on holiday and just finishing a book and so when we took a trip into the local town I bought the next one. The series is full of joy and humour, about Becky and her addiction to shopping and spending.

Remember Me is about Lexi; a woman who wakes up in hospital in 2007, thinking it's 2004. Her life is significantly different to how it was before and while she is now married and a boss, she learns a lot about how imperfect her new life is.

Twenties Girl is a book full of charm. The ghost of Lara's great aunt Sadie is insistent in staying in her life until Lara finds a necklace that Sadie needs. Lara may just become excited by the hunt for the necklace, with her life becoming all the more intriguing too.

I Love the 80s is one of my favourite books I read as a teenager as it's fun and unique and a storyline that, as a big fangirl, I would like to live! Life hadn't been treating Jenna too well and so, as a result, she became entranced, once again, in the life of her (long-dead) idol, Tommy Seer. In a wonderfully excited turn of events, Jenna is back in 1987 and in Tommy Seer's life. It's truly fabulous.

The Truth about Forever by Sarah Dessen is crowned with the title of my favourite book I read as a teenager. It remains one of my absolute favourites as the male in it, Wes is definitely in my top three boys in books. Macy is still drowned in memories and grief from her father's death and whilst she thinks her boyfriend is everything she needs and more, she meets artistic, mysterious and caring Wes and soon realises life has more to offer than she had been taking.

Have you read any of these? What books did you read as a teenager or what do you read now? I am incredibly tempted to start the Georgia Nicolson diaries again and I, as I do every year, will re-read The Truth About Forever as it's one of my absolute favourites!

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  1. Great picks:) Love these books!:)))

  2. I loved Harry potter, hunger games and the Georgia Nicholson books! I would definitely recommend the divergent series I can't wait for the film to come out!:)x

  3. I don't really know the others, but I love Sophie Kinsella and Twenties Girl and Remember Me are amazing. :)


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