Wednesday, 8 January 2014


*Throws hands up and sighs guiltily.* I am a daydreamer.

I'm sure people would probably believe there is an age where daydreaming as often as I do (probably the same amount as a toddler) should be banished from a living style; it's probably naïve, potentially ignorant to "real life" and well, in truth, it's distracting. Daydreaming is my worst form of procrastination. I'll be sat, pens and pencils at the ready and suddenly my mind will (and I will willingly let it) transport me to a world where Tom Hiddleston proposes to me and my job is to read books.

It's definitely not just me, right?

No, I don't suppose it is. The problem is, my mind can go into real depth with daydreams that are plausible (not that I want to label me marrying Mr. Hiddleston as "implausible") but aren't happening because I'm lying across my living room floor balancing the remote control with my feet instead of taking action and making daydreams reality.

I think I have my tendency to daydream controlled in situations where I really shouldn't be daydreaming (although I definitely need to sort out removing it from revision segments of my life) but the problem isn't that I want to stop daydreaming: I enjoy that sometimes I realise what I want because my mind is so desperate to explore the option. My problem is making sure I listen to my daydreams.

My blog, for example, was a product of a daydream that caused a big smile on my face. I'd thought about blogging before I started The Girl in the Moonlight but put it out of my mind, in fear of letting myself write and let my thoughts spill onto a computer screen but then I thought about it and imagined myself as happy as I am right now, writing these words, and I knew what to do.

Daydreaming can highlight ambitions and give you a big metaphorical push in the right direction. I, for one am thankful for my habit.

Do you daydream?

Chocolate Digestives & Tea,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I wrote a guest post for the lovely Simona that you can read HERE, if you would like! I really enjoyed writing this post and was excited to do so when Simona asked me to write a guest post!

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  1. YES, I will shamelessly admit I am a daydreamer! Great post, as always! ;)


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