Monday, 13 January 2014

Looking for Alaska - John Green

Cor blimey, gov'nor! Looking for Alaska... Well, that was an emotional journey.

When I wrote a review on The Fault in Our Stars (if you want to read it, I'll link it at the bottom because it comes with a big disclaimer), I found it difficult because I just wanted to talk about it; let out all of my feelings like I was in the support group in the novel. Hence, why again, I am finding it difficult to write a review like a review and not a huge text of my train of thought. However, this time, unlike my "review" of The Fault in Our Stars, I am determined to not have a large bit of text with the whole plot being covered!

Miles Halter seeks a Great Perhaps that he can't find at his school or at home or even with his memory of learning last words; so, he, after hearing stories about the boarding school Culver Creek from his father, knows where his Great Perhaps lies. Thrown happily into a world of pranks, friendship and the moments of drama and danger, Miles falls in love and learns about life.

Looking for Alaska is captivating, honest and raw: just how John Green does it. As per usual, he taught me something.

Alaska is quirky yet haunted by the past; Miles longs for a chance with this mysteriously beautiful girl. I spent the novel longing for them to meet in the middle, for Miles to banish Alaska's sadness and Alaska to show Miles that he is worthy of this Great Perhaps. I, like Miles, missed the whole point that John Green depicted to me through Alaska in true John Green Style. I'm not sure if that sounds cryptic, but, well, that's John Green for you! It's just not always about what you think it is.

A common attribute people will for other's to have and to share is honesty and this is both my favourite thing about John Green's writing and the aspect that saddens the part of me that hopes for complete harmony in plots. However, I am grateful for the way John Green can rip out of my heart and complete it all at the same time: I am always learning something important, just like the characters in his novels.

John Green puts me under a spell with his words; a spell I can't break. His novels are classics, they are beautiful and for ever haunting my heart.  I have done a review/long conversation about The Fault in Our Stars but before I link it, there are HUGE, unforgiving spoilers so please do not read if you've not read the novel: The Fault in Our Stars - John Green.

Have you ever read a John Green novel? Let me know!

Books & Pranks,

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  1. I agree with everything you said about John Green! His writing is impeccable and he always finds a way to surprise me! This was a great review of the book. It still feels a little weird calling him 'Miles', if you know what I mean! ;)

  2. I loved this book!! If i'm honest I cry like a baby and was in shock for so long! I love the style, he is an amazing author! I'm planing on reading more from him!
    nice blog

  3. I've only read one John Green book, but I fell in love with his writing. I think this might be the next one I read :) x


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