Monday, 27 January 2014

My Little Experiment | 1st Blogging Birthday

Sat with her quilt wrapped around her, very scared but more excited, she pushed back her hair and allowed for the light of her laptop screen to be the isolated glow, battling against the darkness. She tapped her thumb against the corner of the keypad, allowing for it to go on until finally her heart told her it was time. "It's time to do something about this," she whispered.

Okay, so I overdid the drama of the evening but I've never felt so nervous and excited and I'm so glad that I channelled it into this blog. On the 27th January 2013, I made the silhouette of my dream live onto my little space on the internet. I never looked back.

Until now. A year on and I'm looking back with complete happiness and gratitude for giving myself the time to write THIS post where I introduced my aims to whoever wished to read it. Mostly, though, I introduced my aims to myself. A New Year's resolution, a few weeks late, but starting its journey for sure!

Happy 1st Blogging Birthday to me!

It's strange looking back at my first post. My blog is very different to how I assume I thought it was going to turn out. Almost immediately, my blog was a blog more so for my thoughts rather than my original aim. My blog is an example of what blogging can be about for some people: finding out what works for you! My little experiment.

I want to thank everyone and anyone has ever read a post of mine. I genuinely am delighted and humbled to receive any view/comment/member. Some people may roll their eyes but when I read others say it I know it's sincere because I feel such joy at someone taking the time to click on a link I tweet to my post or while they log in to see their reading list, think "let's have a look then" or however you have found my post - I thank you and appreciate you so much!

Writing has always been the most exciting thing for me. Whether it be exploring a topic or fangirling about something I love or creating a world through constructions I've formed, it's the thing that makes my heart warm. That's what life is for, right? My blog, for 365 days, has been the perfect platform for me. It has given me something to look forward to... all of the time. I feel like I'm never not thinking about my blog because it's my little thing; my little secret. I know that the feeling will continue too.

That's why anyone who comments on my posts, spreading positivity or anyone who messages me letting me know a post of mine is some kind of positive adjective, will always be a special part of my blogging experience. You're part of my writing experience with me and you probably have no idea you've taken the time to make me smile. One message I received last year said that a post I made had described them exactly and to know that there are people who are relating to a post of mine every now and then is heart-warming. Someone complimented the way I put things in words. Someone said they loved my words. Someone hoped I'd find a way to get my poorly blog (I was posting less than usual) better. This isn't me boasting because I'm so shocked when I get any lovely comment, but my point is this: I remember every single sweet thing someone says. Equally, if someone leaves a comment, discussing whatever I'm talking about and we have a brief share of thought with each other, that's amazing to me. We're talking, making a little conversation on my blog where we can discuss and build blogging bridges. I'll always be thankful for anyone taking the time to write something positive or something to spark conversation.

I know my blog hasn't technically speaking got an amount of followers that I can't physically picture, but 46 followers, to me, is incredible and even though I'd be doing this without any followers at all, you 46 people make it even more exciting. Success, some think is measured by a number. The success of my blog, however, is measured by the smile for ever on my face.

Thank you for being there for me, The Girl in the Moonlight; for being my escape when I'm happy, sad or lost and also, thank you to you, reading!

A Quilt Cover & A Laptop,

The Girl in the Moonlight.


  1. and again... Happy anniversary! This is beautifully written.
    You're very talented for writing. I definetly need to check out your posts more often!

    Cheers for another year full of blogging :)

    1. Thank you so much Isabell! That means so much!
      To you, too! I'm excited to see your blog continue!

  2. Isn't it crazy to think that people actually read what we write?!

    Lovely post and you deserve way more than 46 followers!

    1. It genuinely is so bizarre, ha!

      Thank you so much! :-)

  3. Happy anniversary! You have an amazing blog,I just found it and I love it:)
    Have to follow!!

    1. Thank you! I send you lots of smiles for doing so!

  4. I'm just reading this now and I have to say, it was beautifully put together. I'm always excited to read your posts. Happy blogging birthday! Better late than never, yeah? ;)

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Of course! :D


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