Monday, 6 January 2014

Carrie Says | An Offer You Can't Refuse by Jill Mansell

*Breathes slowly and grins childishly.* It's the first post of my "Carrie Says" series and I'm so excited that all of my thoughts are making me confused as to what I should say. *Composes self.* I am reading every book from four of Carrie Hope Fletcher's videos that she's suggested or has chosen to read that you can read more about HERE and the first book I read was An Offer You Can't Refuse by Jill Mansell from THIS video.

Carrie says it's "so good."

*Looks in the mirror and tells the reflection off for never reading a Jill Mansell book before.* I will be reading every one of her books and I can't wait.

Lola and Dougie were planning their lives together; uni and distance wasn't going to get in the way, but something else was: a mother who didn't approve of her son's girlfriend and an offer of £10,000 to be rid of the burden that was sure to eventually ruin her son's future. Two broken hearts and years later, Lola and Dougie are in each other's lives but feelings might just have changed.

An Offer You Can't Refuse is charming, funny, sweet and real. With an exciting storyline straight away followed by obstacles throughout the novel that are realistic and characters that aren't the protagonist but are endearing too, I didn't put the book down for just less than two days, when the final page had been turned. It really brightened the beginning of my January!

The story is told mainly through Lola's eyes but the key characters of the novel also have their thoughts shared; their endings being equally as important to me as Lola's. It's a story of first loves, friendship, family and the battle of moving on from that first love. I became very attached to Lola throughout the novel. She's positive, witty and ambitious - even if it was sometimes ambition that didn't fit right in other's hearts. Yet, that's what makes her so likeable. What's more, she loves books!

I loved this book as it's a charming and delightful read and after I recommended it to my mum, she's half way through and loving it, pestering me with questions about what will happen and although I'd never spoil it for her, her eyes widen in fear when I open my mouth as she exclaims, "DON'T TELL ME." An Offer You Can't Refuse really is so good.

*Clasps hands together and excitedly nods.* I know I'm only one book of the way into Carrie Says, but I'm enjoying this a lot and know I will continue to do so; it leaves me excited to start reading a book, excited to delve into the different world and then when finished, it feels like Christmas picking up the next book.

Pot Noodles & Magazines,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am not skilled with photography, as per usual!

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