Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Everyday I witness simple things that bring me happiness and they are the little, lovely things in life.

Happiness is sharing a moment with a friend during conversation involving loads of people. For me, happiness is watching a film with my family or reading a book after a long day. It's spending a Friday night blogging and listening to McFly. Happiness is sunshine and blue skies in January or rainfall after a hot day. Happiness is bumping into an old friend and having a good catch up; as if no time between the last meeting had taken place. Or it's having a long day with best friends, noting how easy our friendship is. To me, happiness is John Green's words and chocolate cake. Happiness is an early night. Happiness is a late night after finishing a book or watching a film. It's an unexpected compliment or enjoying something I dreaded. Equally, it's sharing an old memory with a loved one. It's remembering a good book, watching a forgotten film and finding old photographs. Happiness is music, lemonade and sunshine. Happiness is games, hot chocolate and scarves. Happiness is candles, bath bombs and books. It's new nail varnish and frilly collars. It's also sharing the bad and good times with best friends. It's listening to new music and finding new bands and artists and adding a new favourite author to the list in my mind. Happiness is being proud of something I've done. It's completing a piece of tough work and feeling relieved. It's spending a Sunday afternoon baking and delving into the worlds Nicholas Sparks creates. Happiness is the small things.

If I had my own definition for the dictionary, this is what it would be. What's happiness to you?

Sunshine & Rainfall,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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