Friday, 4 April 2014

That Nostalgic Feeling

Thirteen years ago I made the three best friends that I still have. Ten years ago, one of the most exciting times for me was lunch time with my friends. Just over seven years ago I was starting secondary school, nervous and excited for what was going to be a wonderful five year adventure. Five years ago I was finding out a lot more about the world than I previously had. Four years ago I became close to a few of my current chums. Two years ago my heart broke as I watched the world be a cruel place. A year ago all the happy moments were awesome but my life was being shadowed by something I regret allowing to get me down- though, I'm not surprised it did. A couple of months ago I celebrated my first blogging birthday and smiled at a wonderful year of blogging. Today I'm feeling nostalgic about the whole affair.

I can remember events from primary school as if they were yesterday and secondary school genuinely feels like a few days ago when, in fact, it was almost two years ago. I don't feel regretful that it is all in the past but I do miss it occasionally and sometimes I feel such a strong pang of nostalgia that I'll sit there remembering things with a smile on my face. I have such happy memories stored from secondary school and they make me feel warm and fuzzy.

I can also become nostalgic at the thought of exciting and scary things happening now and the future too.  At the moment, despite how scary life is college-wise and future-wise, I'm feeling very refreshed and happy and even though the future is daunting and causing me to panic, it's also exciting!

At the beginning of this post I remembered some wonderful moments with a few rubbishy events. There are rubbish things that happen but I'm grateful for the rainbows I witness; they make the rain bearable. I feel like I should be nostalgic all the time and then "the now" is more appreciated. It makes me think about how I'm getting older, like the people around me. My mum, for example, remembers the "little" me with happiness and will - hopefully - remember the "now" me in the future with happiness.

I can feel very nostalgic and tingly in a sad but happy way when I think of secondary school and primary school and all the times in between but that's a good thing. For you, maybe it's not. Tomorrow, it might be though.

Life is the longest thing we do, but it is short.

So I will be nostalgic all the time, but in a way that makes me live my life in the happiest fashion I can!

Lazy Friday Nights & Films,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. The lovely Isabell asked me some questions on her blog HERE!


  1. I just discovered your blog through a common interest of heart-wrenching books, and Youtubers and I think you're absolutely lovely! As a person who is affected by sentimentality and nostalgia often, this was a post I could relate to.

    Much love,
    Zenia (


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