Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A Change on the Blog

This post will hurt my heart a lot but I feel like it has to be done... So it shall be done.

For at least throughout the whole of May, I will be posting only once or twice a week on a Friday for certain and a Wednesday when I write another one. Last week I thought I would be posting twice a week for sure but after a stressful couple of days, I feel like it would be better to be posting only once, and twice when I can. I know it's going to be gutting to not post three times a week, but I really feel like I should lessen the posts on my blog for just a while.

There are two reasons for this:

  I need to focus on my exams
  I don't want my blog to suffer

Exams are close now and I'm very nervous and they are vital in deciding what happens with me university-wise in September/October. Naturally that's slightly scary. It will hopefully be less scary if I post less, but it will equally make me feel like I have something to look forward to if I still am posting once or twice a week!

Posting once or twice a week rather than three times will hopefully ensure that my blog won't suffer quality-wise. One of my fears with blogging is creating content that I'm not as happy with as I could be. This has happened a couple of times this month and while I'm revising and sitting exams, it would suck if something I'm enjoying in between isn't up to the standard I would like it to be. I'm very busy with all sorts of things and I want my blog to be a happy place!

I am hoping that in June I will be posting twice a week for sure and then by the end of June, when exams and stress are over, I am planning on posting four times a week until after summer! This is so as I have so many ideas for posts but so little time and I'm really excited about them! As I have a stress-free summer ahead of me, posting even more throughout these couple of months will be exciting!

I just wanted to write this post so that I can document my little blogging happenings!

Boat Trips & Chilly Night Air,

The Girl in the Moonlight.


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