Wednesday, 16 April 2014

My Happy List

As I am writing this, it's late evening and I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy, like a hot chocolate that tastes like sparkling, smiley stars. As I am feeling this feeling, I thought I would write one of those lovely lists of lovely things that make me feel happy!

Cups of tea
The feeling of togetherness
Going to the cinema
Days in the sun
Having silly text conversations
Quilts, films and my best friend
People who make me feel like a rainbow inside
Long chats with my favourite people
Looking at photographs
Snow days!
Watching the sunset
Strawberries in summer
Hearing an album for the first time
Watching loads of episodes in a series
Everything about reading
Sky watching
♡ Cloud spotting
Giggling lots
Being in my room and writing to the sound of happy silence
The First Winter Hot Chocolate
Unexpected smiles
Feeling hopeful
Happy butterflies in my tummy
Pizza nights
Rainy days
Puffy quilts when I wake up
My blog
Everything McFly

Although there are lots more things that make me feel as fluffy as a cloud, these are what made me grin tonight. What things are on your happy list?

Giggles & Smiles,

The Girl in the Moonlight.


  1. I love this happy list. I think it's important to remind yourself of the little things that make you smile. :) Really enjoyed reading this. Got to agree with cups of tea and togetherness. My favourites. :) x


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