Monday, 28 April 2014


*Spoilers about McBusted's tour.*

25th April 2014

I saw McBusted at the O2 on Friday and I cannot sprinkle this sentence with enough sparkly adjectives... It was incredible!

I'd never been to the O2 before Friday and I've fallen in love. The whole atmosphere was so exciting and paired with seeing McBusted, the night was perfect!

Firstly, before McBusted came on, there were three support acts (Young Brando, VIX and The 3 Dudes) and they built the anticipation wonderfully. I was so fangirl-y when it came to the incredibly talented Vicky Jones! Her voice was so awesome and powerful! It filled the arena gorgeously! You can hear her song Bang Bang HERE!

As soon as McBusted arrived on stage, my fangirl was in her element. The night was SO fun and nostalgic and with McFly's and Busted's hits and iconic songs making my ears and eyes smile in the most excited way paired with an arena full of ecstatic people, each of the guys' obvious happiness was mirrored in all of our expressions! I really adored watching the guys and their jokes and the members of the separate bands enjoying performing the other's songs! I did too!

The staging and extra bits and bobs were so incredibly awesome, and so... McBusted. With video clips that made me grin fangirl-ily and the props (like flux capacitors, UFOs and wedding dresses) that were hilarious, the show is one that would make everyone giggle and appreciate, as usual, the talent of the guys.

I was so happy to hear McFly's songs live and McFly look, like normal, in their element on stage, singing my favourite songs that I've been in love with for so many years. McBusted's cover of I Want You Back was truly fabulous and singing along (loudly) to Busted classics like What I Go to School For, Crashed the Wedding and Year 3000 was something that felt like a dream. It was mind-blowingly awesome and made me jump around like a six year old. They played so many of my absolute favourites and the moment when Sleeping With the Light On emotionified my night was simply lovely. I felt very teary as I looked around the O2 and saw all of the pretty sparkling lights of phones and then looked back at the stage... It was fabulous.

It was such an incredible night!

Flux capacitors & UFOs,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. My post about seeing McFly at the Royal Albert Hall!


  1. Ahh reading this made me feel all giddy inside! I watched a few of the videos from their tour and it must feel surreal to have been a part of it, I'm sure! So happy for you :)

    1. Awesome- it really was! Thank you so much! :D

  2. Reading this has got me so excited! I'm off to Sheffield to see them on Sunday and I'm so so excited, especially as it's my 16th birthday that day x

    1. Ooooo, that's exciting! Have an amazing time- and an awesome birthday! ^_^


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