Thursday, 7 March 2013

YouTubers: hchsknights08

So, Alyssa Bernal, hchsknights08 is amazingawesomeIloveher.

Alyssa's voice is the definition of warm honey. It's so beautiful and whenever she uploads a new cover, I literally sit there with my mouth wide open. It's just pure talent and effortless. Recently she uploaded a cover of my song of the moment, Just Give Me A Reason with Josh Milan and so I was one happy camper: ...just. *Sighs*, it's so perfect. She's so pwetty.

Another thing I think is awesome about her, is her portrayal of herself. She always seems so kind and genuine and you can't beat that, eh? I've spent days listening to her covers and not wanting to do anything but. Her originals are also fantastical. My favourite is Stay and her acoustic version is perfection:  Check out her album.

"Trying to make sense of everything that don't make sense."
I've been on the Bernal Journey for a long time and I'll never leave ;). I'm genuinely so proud of everything she's accomplished.
Taylor Swift cover I cannot stop listening to right now:
Hugs & Unicorns,
The Girl in the Moonlight.

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