Monday, 4 March 2013

Loving a Band is...

People looking in on the outside of those with a deep love - yes, love - for a band can often judge and more often than not will not understand. Now, this can be frustrating; incredibly frustrating.

Loving a band is watching those members through a computer screen and just grinning. That grin, I tell you, is more than a grin: it's an action expressing the pure happiness those members inject. A grin that, for the moment replaces those three words (that they, every day express for the band members) into a silence. That's not "just a grin". Sometimes, a video, a simple four minute video can protect that girl/boy from the "outside world" and that's more important that those on the outside will ever know. Loving a band is days, weeks, months of excitement before they appear on TV. That moment, when they're presented before many people is a chance for everyone else to experience their sheer talent and flawless personalities. Loving a band is defending them. Defending them when those opposing the party will never quite understand. Defending them because they're perfect as, for you, they're always there. Loving a band is saviour. A saviour from every day life; a saviour from normal struggles; a saviour from deeper struggles. A saviour nonetheless. Listening to the music they create; the music that speaks volumes to those besotted with the band is more than "that tune on the radio". It's seeing the meaning behind the studio versions, the talent behind the acoustic sets and the happiness of the band members when watching them perform live. Loving a band is seeing them live and for that hour and a half not believing what's happening; for that hour and a half it's simply them and the band. Loving a band is mourning for days, weeks, however long after a gig; knowing that that night was more beautiful than their continual excitement will ever be able to portray.  Loving a band is falling for not only the band members, but the relationships inside of the band: the relationships of the band members. Do not underestimate her/his happiness for the members' love for one another. The members' love is their happiness. Loving a band is the music. Loving a band is smiles, crying, excitement. Loving a band is forever.

Jelly Beans & Apple-Flavoured Lip Gloss,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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