Monday, 11 March 2013

With a Spring in my Step

The day of Spring and warmth we had in England a week or so ago has made me crave for sunshine more then ever. With this in my mind, I feel happier and that everything is slightly more accomplishable.

March is normally the beginning of the end of excruciating coldness and thereby making England a more brighter place: trees are pink; birds are tweeting (this may not be everyone's cup of tea); summer is in the near distance. This time used to be when my excitement was near its fullest due to it being when we were FINALLY ALLOWED BACK ON THE FIELD AT SCHOOL. This literally made my life every year. Now I look forward to it as it makes any horrible task that bit nicer.

I have always thought that in England we appreciate the bursts of sun we have because, let's face it, it doesn't happen often and so as soon as we have those seven days of what we call a "heat wave" in May, (when in fact it's a chilly day in Spain) I've got my lotion and shorts at the ready.

Sunshine makes most happier. It makes hair lighter and skin darker. It makes farfetched dreams seem not-so-farfetched and the lighter evenings, a slight chill in the atmosphere makes romance and goals and friendship movie-like.

I, therefore, cannot wait for the light that lasts longer and the smile that it creates. I can't wait for the sweeter atmosphere, blue sky and exciting fruit. You know, strawberries? Do you not just miss strawberries? Strawberries and cream... Spring, can you just be here already?

Sunshine is saviour from reality.

Castles & Princesses,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Yes, it's snowing right now and so this post seems ridiculous but SPRING I'M READY.

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