Saturday, 9 March 2013

Safe Haven


I love Nicholas Sparks novels for so many reasons: the perfect characters; the beautiful feelings and actions of the characters; the obstacles the characters overcome; the moral and sometimes maybe-not-what-everyone-stereotypically-wanted endings. Safe Haven, I love for the perfect characters and heart-breaking pasts that still haunt them but I also adore the novel for the thrill.

At parts, the pace of the novel literally made my heart pound faster, fearing for the characters that I love oh so much; so lost in the plot that I may as well be alongside them. Like every other Nicholas Sparks novel, "I could not put it down" and with Safe Haven, it was definitely because of the thriller aspect of it - and, of course the perfect characters of Katie and Alex.

I fall for the male love interests in Nicholas Sparks novels every time; there'd be no point trying not to. Alex, the man in Safe Haven, I love for the way he loves Katie as well as his late wife, Carly. His deep love for his children, however is what made me fall deeply and unconditionally for Alex. It's just too sweet for my heart to take. The main characters that are fathers in Nicholas Sparks novels are always perfect and I always note, after reading a charmingly constructed part of the character's view and love of their children that it must exist due to it reflecting how much of an awesome dad Nicholas Sparks is. I genuinely don't doubt that.

I have been raving about this novel since I read it over two years ago and, like every time a Nicholas Sparks novel is adapted into a film, I have rosy cheeks and the thought of seeing the film.

Love hurts. There is nothing as painful as heartbreak. But in order to learn to love again you must learn to trust again.


The cast, as it is for every Nicholas Sparks adapted film, I knew would be perfect, and sat, popcorn and sweets spread before me, I knew my love for Josh Duhamel would cause me to comfort eat to the max and oh my, it did.

The film was sweet but bitter, calming yet heart-pounding. You get the oxymoron-based picture I'm painting for you, right? My emotions were on that "roller-coaster ride" you often hear about during those two hours and I haven't yet stepped off of it.

Another thing that I adore about books written by the brilliant Nicholas Sparks is that way he sets the scene: "Lilies sprouted amid the wild grass in what once was a flower bed..." and the film adaption of Safe Haven gave me chills with the beautiful beach and the area surrounding Katie's home. Even the roads in the neighbourhood had something so homely-small-town about them. Absolutely stunning. Do you know what made the scenery even more perfect? Josh Duhamel.

The characters matched my imagination when reading the novel and this makes me incredibly happy. Alex was passionate and sweet and Katie was damaged yet, at the same time that female hero that made me be full of that strong-woman mentality. Cobie Smulders? She was just incredible.

Like the novel, I was lost in the film and the romance as well as the tension beneath the love and beauty that ended with explosions in my eyes.

HERE is the trailer for the film.

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