Friday, 15 March 2013

YouTubers: Wayward Daughter

Lydia and Becky, Wayward Daughter are a band on youtube who I love (and stalk) so much.

They post videos on youtube of their renditions of songs as well as their originals. I found them through their cover of Loverboy and being a You Me At Six fan, I was obviously delighted. Through a good two hours of thorough research (stalking) and crying at their sheer perfection, I had another band to intensely follow (stalk). There is something so raw - not in a uncooked meat kind of way - about them.

Other than the fact that Lydia and Becky cover songs that are more my music taste than some youtubers cover, I love that they write their own songs and moreover that they're insane. One day, I had their original Something New on for literally the whole day. I heart this so much. The lyrics are so...intricate and the melody and guitar is wicked...just listen to them.

Due to them being incredibly talented (and pretty), I cannot rave about them enough. They cover a lot of Paramore and you can imagine how supergreatperfect that is. You should definitely check out their EP on iTunes which is awesome:

Picking a favourite original of theirs would be me listing all of their covers so THIS is the one I'm listening to at the mo!
Favourite You Me At Six cover.
Favourite cover.

Starfishes & Snow,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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