Saturday, 9 February 2013

My Dandelion Dreams

I have always been a dreamer: I dream when I am incredibly busy; I dream when I am laying in bed at night; I dream when I am procrastinating.

*Wish: A desire for something/something to happen.
Dream: An image of the perfect setting/life imagined by the dreamer.

I have always taken my wishes extremely seriously. Whether it be a Birthday-candle wish, a "wish upon a star" wish or a dandelion wish, you will be sure to find in that precious moment that I will believe that my wish will turn into reality. My wishes, in turn are part of the bigger picture: the dream.

It is dandelions that I believe hold the most importance. I pick up dandelions only if they are already out of the ground and when I do I find it so liberating. This isn't some weird spiritual post, I just love the feeling of having the dandelion raised, close to your lips before making a wish and blowing it into the seeds, your wish in the hands of the wind and the seeds.

Wishes really are as simple as that.

Sandcastles & Turtles,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

*Handmade definitions.

A post about Dreaming.

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  1. and then i wish that the wind and the dandelion seeds make ur wishes(dream according to u) come true....


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